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People’s Initiative seeks law to criminalize pork

People’s Initiative seeks law to criminalize pork

Stop corruption We anti-pork advocates hail the Supreme Court decision declaring that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) unconstitutional. This is victory of the movement to abolish the pork barrel system. The High Court first struck out Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). After legislative pork, our justices hit presidential pork. These are victories that give us hope of achieving success. But … Continue reading

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Masang Nagmamanok (MANA) Inc. writes about the impeachment trial, politics, and advocacy of cockers in Politika 2013. This partnership expands our network to include the 8,000 MANA newsletter database. Click the image and enjoy reading.

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  • Cebuanos sing against Bongbong Marcos April 20, 2016
    The shrill reactions of a handful of loyalists -- of course with their dozens of dummy Facebook accounts -- exposed something they could barely hide. They wished the concert never happened. But over 2,500 Cebuanos flocked to Plaza Independencia last April 17, 2016 for the "Cebu Against Marcos - The Concert." Continue reading →
  • Cebu’s 4-day ‘Welgang Bayan’ February 21, 2016
    October 22-25, 1984 (This is an account of the first day of the four-day transport strike in Cebu. This is part of an attempt to write a book on those dangerous years when we risked our lives to fight for … Continue reading →
  • Pasalamat September 8, 2015
    You lived a full 83 years We will miss you, Mama. #nacorda #mongaya pic.twitter.com/9MRakea3jG — Emmanuel Mongaya (@anol_cebu) September 3, 2015 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Mao kini ang kumpletong Kulom nga akong gi-submit sa Superbalita. Ang nakaapan lang kay tungod sa kakulang sa … Continue reading →

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