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Pacman for president? You’re not dizzy (Wa ka malipong)?

By Emmanuel Mongaya
columnist & blogger

From Filipino boxing hero to president? Wanna bet?

I expect the Pambansang Kamao (national fist? hehe) to win against Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico today though I may have to edit this later depending on how the fight will go.

But something else caught my attention. The ABS-CBN report said boxing champ Cong. Manny Pacquiao wants to be Sarangani governor in 2013 and Philippine president in 2022.

For those who have yet to read the story, check out first then let’s see how your body reacts.

I know many will say, “Why not?” But something hit me (it was not the Pacman’s left hook) that made me dizzy. I began thinking of Manny, Erap, GMA, even Bongbong.

Sure, I imagine the Pacman won’t be like the bloated yet macho Erap (former president Joseph Estrada) who became the 13th president of the Republic of the Philippines in 1998. Pacquiao will still be fit at 40 in 2022 and maybe with Jinky as the first and only lady.

The Pacman is also different because he is a real boxing hero. Erap, on the other hand, is a reel hero. I could remember only that shadow boxing scene at the Palace grounds as the one real Erap trying to knock out his imagined political enemies.

Manny likewise possessed a genuine rags to riches story while Erap could only claim several stories about being poor on screen.

Nevertheless, if Bob Arum‘s claim about the Pacman’s political plans is correct, his political career would somehow follow Erap’s lead. We know Estrada was mayor for several terms, then congressman and senator, even vice president before becoming president. Pacquiao is likewise a congressman today and would likely win the governorship in 2013. He could thus claim a track record of executive and legislative performance by 2022.

Yet what alarms me are the people around Manny Pacquiao today who are much like the people around Joseph Estrada before and during term as president.

Over a decade ago, I remember jueteng lords around Erap for example. We all know how jueteng made Estrada fail to finish his presidency. Today, people all over the world see somebody many Cebuanos believe to be a masiao lord whenever the Pacman steps on the ring for his exciting fights. I can only imagine who else of similar notoriety are around him especially with his penchant for billiards and cock-fighting derbies.

I just hope I won’t be seeing the former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo at the ringside today when Manny beats Marquez for the third time. FG is supposed to be sick and also taking care of his sick wife Cong. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (click the link to see for yourself how sick she is).

But then, it is still to early to be sure of a Manny Pacquiao presidency.

Sen. Bongbong Marcos is expected to claim Malacanang in 2016 though either Vice President Jojo Binay and DOTC Secretary Mar Roxas might frustrate him. If Bongbong succeeds, who knows, he might change the rules through charter change (like what his father, the late dictator, did) and extend his term in office.

While FVR and GMA failed in their respective turns at dancing the cha-cha, Bongbong might succeed and foil the Pacman’s 2022 presidential bid.

About anol_cebu

Emmanuel Mongaya writes mainly about local politics in his Bisaya-language column titled PANAHOM in Superbalita. He also blogs and serves as administrator for “Maghisgot Kitag Politika Bay,” Cebu’s dynamic political community in Facebook. He is a member of the Political Officers League of the Philippines (POLPHIL). These he juggles with his job as Chief Digital Officer of PRworks Inc., the Mongaya family business.


6 thoughts on “Pacman for president? You’re not dizzy (Wa ka malipong)?

  1. But, ‘ mind you, the distance between The House of Representatives and Malacanang is nothing if measured against the vast divide he had conquered in his arduous journey from the dark streets of General Santos, to the bright spotlights of Las Vegas, then, to the equally dazzling halls of Congress.

    We may also consider that Cong Manny is a born politician (not in the derogatory connotation of the word politician). He has a kind heart and friendly manners. So he could easily learn to be a good leader. Also, he is no stranger to the ways of the common man. This is a constructive quality of a public servant, for always it takes one to understand one.

    Good fighters are born and champions are made, in the same manner, that politicians are born, leaders are made.

    Posted by masangnagmamanok | November 16, 2011, 10:29 pm
    • I have no argument with those points. But if he wants to serve, he should do away with some of his less unsavory friends one can always see beside him when he enters the boxing arena to the tune of eye of the tiger. nganong duna man jud siyay tupad nga masiao lord ug jueteng lord?

      Posted by Politika 2013 | November 17, 2011, 12:56 am
      • Masiao lord and hueteng lord? OMG, who?

        When, aside from his handlers, all I observed as constant companions, during boxing bouts were boxing promoter Huakee Salud and politician Chavit Singson.

        Well, if anything, it would show that boxing and politics can blend.

        Posted by masangnagmamanok | November 18, 2011, 5:47 pm
      • Aside from being a known boxing promoter, we all know Wakee’s reputation in Cebu. Chavit? Aside from being a politician, who is he in Ilocos?

        Posted by Politika 2013 | November 19, 2011, 5:55 am
  2. Dream on. Yes, Manny Pacquiao and many of his “sepseps” can really dream on a Pacquiao presidency by 2022, if there is no shift to a federal parliamentary system via charter change. We can just cross our fingers that he would learn from Erap history. I remember my Grade One teacher who quipped: “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell who you are.”

    Posted by Junex Doronio | November 13, 2011, 3:12 pm

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