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Police Brutality: Days before Human Rights Day

 This video that was shared via Twitter shows how the police — complete with shields, truncheons and helmets — behaved in dispersing unarmed protesters last December 8, 2011.

The protesters, mostly students and workers, intended to hold a camp-out at Mendiola, the short road to Malacanang that was a scene of dramatic protest actions calling for democracy during the dark years of dictatorship.

Mendiola, Manila

Image by Bikoy via Flickr

But the police, in the name of security of the present Palace occupant, do not want protesters to exercise their democratic rights in Mendiola. So they blocked the marchers before they could even approach this symbol of the Filipino people‘s struggle for democracy.

This scene at Legarda, Sampaloc, occurred just two days before the celebration of Human Rights Day during the term of President Noynoy Aquino, son of two heroes of Philippine democracy.

This scene evoked memories of the dispersal of protest actions participated by the colleagues and supporters of Noynoy’s parents during the dark Marcos years from the early 70s to the 80s.


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