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Durano supports vice guv’s lead in Cebu politics

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By Emmanuel Nacorda Mongaya
Journalist and Blogger

Former congressman and tourism secretary Ace Durano running for governor is remote but not impossible. This was what I gathered during and after a brief talk with the recognized political kingmaker of the 5th district of Cebu province Vice Mayor Ramonito Durano over the Christmas weekend.

“Whatever (Vice Gov. Agnes) Magpale decides to do in the province, we will support her,” said the vice mayor who is poised to remove his brother and incumbent Mayor Boy Durano through a recall election. And this includes the possibility of running for governor.

But Magpale, in her reaction, said running for governor is a giant step that should be studied carefully. Durano said that Magpale, who represents the 5th district at the Provincial Board, would prefer to stay as vice governor although their Bakud party would support her if she decides to run for governor.

For his part, Durano said he might run for mayor again in 2013 or might opt to regain his old congressional seat occupied by his son Cong. Red Durano who is on his third and last term at the Lower House. The incumbent congressman is reportedly interested in running for mayor of Danao City.

Ace Durano, on the other hand, prefers his life as a private person now. His father Ramonito said he would respect his son’s decision when the time comes.

Having proven himself as an able administrator and visionary during his stint at the tourism department however, Ace Durano is considered a strong political material to succeed Gov. Gwen Garcia who is on her last term as governor.

Local pundits recognize that the Durano political machinery play a crucial role of providing the swing vote in Cebu provincial elections favoring the Garcias.

But the alliance with the Garcias might not hold if the governor’s daughter would run for the provincial top post come 2013. Christina Garcia-Frasco married Liloan Mayor Duke Frasco who belongs to the Durano opposition in the 5th district.

Recent events in Manila might also have a profound impact on local political alliances. Cong. Red Durano heeded Malacanang’s call for allies to sign the impeachment petition against Chief Justice Renato Corona. Both congressmen Pablo and Pablo John Garcia did not sign the petition.

Still, there are several other factors to consider as 2013 approaches. Cong. Tomas Osmeña is expected to support again Liberal Party’s Jun-jun Davide, the son of former chief justice Hilario Davide, as the party’s official candidate for governor. Former senator John Osmeña is trying to rebuild his machinery as he challenges Pablo John’s third district congressional seat while former governor Lito Osmeña’s son Mimo would also join the provincial political fray.

For the moment, Danao City Vice Mayor Nito Durano insists they will take Magpale’s lead even as his son Ace prefers taking care of his personal business venture.

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As chief digital officer of PRworks Inc., Emmanuel Mongaya manages the digital communications of the public relations agency. He also blogs, writes columns for Sun.Star Cebu and Superbalita, and serves as administrator for “Maghisgot Kitag Politika Bay,” Cebu’s dynamic political community in Facebook.



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