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Impeachment thrill: Sen. Bong might open his mouth

Masang Nagmamanok on Politics

The Corona impeachment trial resumes tomorrow. After four days of hearings, a few things became clear. One, the senate appears to be serious on being the kuyme (judge). The mayroon (prosecution) does not know its job. And, the wala (defense), although far from being brilliant, revels in pointing out and underscoring the incompetence and lack of preparedness on the part of the prosecution.

The showing of the prosecution is, however, not totally surprising. After all what do we expect from a bunch of congressmen?

The senators? Well, some of them are doing their respective jobs well. Sen. Franklin Drilon is marvelous in his “redirect” examination of the witnesses. Quick in plugging the holes punched by the cross examination, which are left unnoticed by the prosecution. Of course, some sectors criticize him for appearing to take side.

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano puts proper perspective on questions of law. And, thanks to Sen Francis Escudero who makes it sure that important points and accounts are intelligible from the viewpoint of the common tao.

Senate president Juan Ponce Enrile has so far managed to remain in control of every situation, at times, going to the extent of babysitting and guiding the prosecution on court decorum.

Sen. Lito Lapid is not expected to open his mouth so we have nothing to fear from his end, but Sen. Bong Revilla might… that’s where the thrill is.


Chicken raisers must also consider ecology

We all know of the disadvantages in the common practice of excessive application of antibiotics, chemicals and non-biodegradable materials in the process of raising chickens, including, to large extend, the raising of game fowl. We ought to do something about it. We owe it not only to our chickens but also to ecology itself. Therefore, Masang Nagmamanok (MANA) must at least contribute something about it.

As a movement advocating for the promotion of the interest and welfare of common sabungeros and chicken raisers, MANA launched an information campaign to encourage application of organic practices and biodynamic in the chicken raising industry; more particularly among game fowl breeders.

It is a David-Goliath match up, as the commercial aspect of the game fowl industry is dominated, if not controlled by companies manufacturing, distributing or retailing antibiotics and chemicals, however, the prime movers of MANA are unfazed. They know it may take time but it will ultimately pay off. The transition will be gradual, not radical, yet it will move on.

MANA does things by advocacy, and, we know it will take time for advocacy, especially for an advocacy for change, to sink in. It is enough that we started something, it doesn’t matter who will see it to completion.

Nevertheless, the alternative technology we are advocating will make use of the principles of organic and biological farming. As much as possible it avoids the application of antibiotics, moreover for preventive purposes. Instead it recognizes the relevance of pre-biotics and pro-biotics.

MANA is hoping, though, that the process of convincing breeders to shift to bio-organic practices will not take as long as feared. The bottom line for breeders is the performance of their bloodlines. Breeders will adopt it sooner than later, if they come to realize that bio-technology is much better than the slow-poisoning of chickens with antibiotics and chemicals.

After all, we are confident, the bio-technology we are promoting is much better way of raising chickens than what drug companies had been teaching us for years. That much, we are sure of

Biodynamic chicken-raising is a holistic approach taking into consideration the development and interrelationships of the soil, plants and the chickens that thrive on the system. Let’s take, for example the ranging aspect. The grass, plants and microorganisms that will benefit from the improvement of the ecosystem will then be eaten by the chickens on the range, boosting the immune system and promoting health and wellness.

Compare this to chickens that were given antibiotics from day one, even if there was no sign or danger of disease. Imagine the toxins that it will carry inside its system throughout its life? It is even harmful to broilers despite they only have to live for a few weeks, and they are not designed to perform well in combat. In fact, broilers are designed to grow fast and fat, and get killed. Indeed, one purpose of giving lots of antibiotics is to further fast growth.

Thus, it is not needed for game fowl. On the contrary, it is very damaging to game fowl, which are designed to do combat and therefore should be lean, mean and strong to stay alive?

We hope it will not be long and breeders and conditioners will come to realize that bio technology on chickens is the much better way and also the proper way. Not only we can produce better chickens, it is also but proper that we, sabungeros, should be concerned with ecological and environmental issues—part of our social responsibility. (More on this on next issue of roosterman magazine. To subscribe to roosterman for free click:

Masang Nagmamanok (MANA) Inc. is a non-stock corporation engaged in advocating and promoting the interest and welfare of the common chicken raisers and workers in the different chicken industries. Other MANA sites: &

(Admin’s note: Politika 2013 has extended its online space to Masang Nagmamanok (MANA) Inc. for the expression of political views of members and pursuit of their advocacy. After all, many politicians – and that includes Cong. Manny Pacquiao and (pusta-anay) majority of his colleagues at the Lower House – and their political leaders are avid cockers. In the process, we expanding the Politika 2013 network by including MANA’s database of some 8,000 cockers and cock handlers. Cheers!)

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8 thoughts on “Impeachment thrill: Sen. Bong might open his mouth

  1. Haha! Ang Sen. Lito Lapid finally opened his mouth. He had to ask if a cash advance means a loan. I think the Impeachment Court should now dissolve the committee on silence.

    Posted by Politika 2013 Watcher | February 2, 2012, 1:18 am
  2. Hi guys! I was pleasantly surprised to finally see on television Sen. Bong Revilla speak during the Impeachment Trial. Now, only Sen. Lito Lapid is left in the committee on silence.

    Posted by Politika 2013 Watcher | February 1, 2012, 2:00 pm


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