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Advocacy, Masang Nagmamanok

Sabungeros are responsible citizens of the world


(Second column of Masang Magmamanok)

Now they call sabong an industry. Well and good … a multi-million-peso industry. Many now sell millions in game fowl products. Then sub industries emerge, game fowl magazines, tv shows, game fowl auctions and shows, multi-million derbies, these are also earning millions in advertisements and other receipts. But, what about the ordinary sabungeros and chicken raisers?

Well, we, the ordinary sabungeros and chicken raisers watch the tv shows, read the magazines, pay our way to game fowl shows and derbies and then buy the products. There is nothing wrong with it, of course. After all we are the true backbone of the industry. We support the industry.

As such we, the small sabungeros and chicken raisers also have our own obligations. One of which is we will have to learn right, proper and harmless ways of raising chickens, practice these ways and disseminate the information ourselves. Others may not do it for us, because to each his own agenda. After all there is a line that divides those who took to sabong because it is now an industry and they make big money and those who are in sabong because we love it as sport, livelihood and cultural heritage.

Maybe one way is to study and consider the application of biological farming on game fowl raising. We should also consider the ecosystem in general in relation to the raising of game fowl. It is not enough that we take care of the chickens we also have to take care of the soil, the plants, the grass and microorganism upon which our chickens will thrive. It short we have to take care of the environment. Definitely it is the proper way. But, for all likelihood, it could also be the better way of raising game fowl.

Yes time will tell, if indeed it is the better way. But meanwhile, it is our obligations as part of a bigger society to also contribute to solving the world’s environmental and ecological problems. Let’s show them, sabungeros and chicken raisers are also responsible citizens of the world.

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