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Politika PH stemmed from Politika 2013 that first emerged prior to the 2013 local elections. We intend to continue making this a way to air views in the Visayas and Mindanao about local and national politics in the Philippines.

This is a blog for people with a passion to make a difference by engaging in politics as writers.

Yes, many of us have our own personal media outlets or blogs. However, we believe coming together online sharing views about politics would not only refine our ideas through friendly but free-wheeling discussions. It will, in the process, amplify the impact of these ideas.

With the feedback we are getting from journalist and blogger friends in Cebu, Ilo-ilo, Tagbilaran, Davao and General Santos Cities, we soon hope to get active involvement of a wide network of writers who have their own respective local online and offline outlets.

Those interested in publishing articles may email me anol_cebu@yahoo.com.

Our Mission

POLITIKA PH seeks to involve a broader and diverse sectors engaged political discussions as the Philippines approaches 2016. We hope to achieve this by introducing independent voices and focusing on views from central and southern Philippines. With the power of social media, we intend to spread reliable information, critical thought and opinions from online opinion-makers in the Visayas and Mindanao. Views from the Philippine south must influence 2016.

Our Values

We devote ourselves to democracy, human rights, accountability, social justice, and free speech. We believe this initiative at democratic journalism can make the Philippines a better place.

Our Network

POLITIKA PH hopes to become a collaborative effort of an expanding network of journalists and bloggers in the Visayas and Mindanao engaged in providing regularly updated independent commentary. To help us achieve our mission, we urge all to comment and interact with us, share our posts to you own networks, and stimulate discussions about current issues affecting us.


Emmanuel ‘Anol’ Mongaya

Initial Contributing Writers

Karlo Mikhail Mongaya (Panay),  Bong Galarpe (Cebu province), Romy Elusfa (Mindanao), Tonton Antogop (Cebu), and Ted Ayeng (Bohol). Masang Nagmamanok (MANA), an organization of some 8,000 sabungeros and cock handlers, likewise contributes hopefully a weekly column on politics and their advocacy.


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