BUKUG videos

Welcome to our page dedicated to what I (the lone admin so far) call BUKUG Videos! That’s BUKUG for “Bakakun Ug Kurap Gyud.” This is basically a selection of videos found all over the Net (initially YouTube) that I linked to and collected in this page.

I hope you agree with my initial choices. If you do, tell us about it. And maybe, you can help us by sharing other videos of infamous moments of lies and corruption. We hope that, with the help of friends, this page shall become a collection of infamy with the end view of persuading present and wannabe politicians from emulating infamous Filipino liars and corrupt characters. If you disagree, do not hesitate to complain and rant. I am sure, for instance, there are still Pinoys who believe PGMA was sincere when she said “I’m Sorry.” Now’s your chance to hit back at people, like me, who don’t.

1. GMA says ‘Sorry’ 2. GMA says ‘Sorry’ 3. Hello Garci Spoof 4. Ligot properties in the United States 5. On Chief Justice Renato Corona’s court holiday speech 6. Juana Change “Little Girl and Crown” Arroyo and Corona



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