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‘Delicadeza’ of a Cebuano politician-educator

By Bong Galarpe (Politika 2013 contributor) OF all the political figures in Southern Philippines, the most controversial right now is the erstwhile obscure Cebu City Councilor Rodrigo “Bebot” Abellanosa because of a conflict between being both a councilor and president of a private college. The three-term councilor is now running for Cebu City’s south district … Continue reading

Merci’s ‘sacrificial lambs’ in Cebu lamppost scandal

Wrong officials charged to protect real culprits? By Emmanuel Mongaya (Journalist & Blogger) When the Cebu lamppost scandal erupted years ago, I have been a lonely voice asking why the Ombudsman investigating the case focused on local officials and not those in Manila who approved and stood to benefit from the transaction. I believe then, … Continue reading

Battle Royale between LP stalwarts set

THE break between Cebu City political kingpin Rep. Tommy Osmeña and Mayor Mike Rama after the 2010 election was not unexpected. But for Cebuanos, this promises to be an exciting battle royale in 2013. The relationship of the two long-time allies – Rama had been Osmeña’s top councilor and later vice mayor for several consecutive … Continue reading

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