Interesting Photos from Vis-Min Blogs


Guys, this photo came from Durian Post: (

Compare the above photo with GMA’s mugshots. Nisamot ang overacting!

Thanks to PDI for publishing. Thanks to Kevin Ray Chua for alerting me last night. Click the photo to read the latest from PDI.

Subsequent news reports say these are not the real mugshots of Cong. Arroyo.

So the search is on for the real mugshots. The blog “Onward to Mars” claims to have the real “mug shots” of Gloria. See the photo below and click for more sample of the GMA mug shots. hehehe

Mug shot, di ba? Click this pic for more mug shots.

The photo from Minda News below shows a fisherman sitting on logs swept down to the coasts of northern Mindanao from logging areas in Mindanao watersheds.

Doris Mongaya, managing director of PRworks Inc, and son Karlo Mikhail, Panay coordinator of the Kabataan Party List, went to Cagayan de Oro City last December 27, 2011. Karlo took the photo below that show what is left of a bustling riverside community. Click on this link for viewing the other photos they took.

Click on the photo to view more related photos posted with an article in


Please help us fill up this page with more interesting political photos. Email the links or send as an attachment along with your brief description on why you find the photo(s) interesting to



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