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Police Brutality: Days before Human Rights Day

 This video that was shared via Twitter shows how the police — complete with shields, truncheons and helmets — behaved in dispersing unarmed protesters last December 8, 2011. The protesters, mostly students and workers, intended to hold a camp-out at Mendiola, the short road to Malacanang that was a scene of dramatic protest actions calling … Continue reading

GMA ‘naunay sa tari’ (hit by her own blade)

Naunay sa tari. That’s a Cebuano sabungero expression for being hit by one’s own cockfighting knife or blade. This aptly describes what happened to former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who failed to exercise her right to travel (euphemism for escape abroad) last week. Justice Secretary Leila de Lima used as basis Circular 41. Ironically, then Justice … Continue reading

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