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Sen. Lapid speaks finally & Corona’s SALN mistakes

Can we trust a taxation & corporate law expert who makes mistakes in his SALN? By Emmanuel Mongaya Journalist & blogger Senator-juror Gringo Honasan complained last week about the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona outside the Impeachment Court proceeding swiftly. Why indeed? Corona’s lead defense counsel Serafin Cuevas blames the prosecution has been … Continue reading

Don’t repeat 2nd envelop mistake!

Please allow evidences exposing Corona’s illegal wealth By Emmanuel Mongaya (Journalist & blogger) During the Estrada impeachment trial 11 years ago, majority of the senator-jurors stopped the opening of the second envelop. This opened the floodgates of public anger and triggered Edsa 2. No, many were not yet convinced of the guilt of former president … Continue reading

Corona’s World Bank fund ‘anomaly’

An issue the impeachment court should also look into by Emmanuel Mongaya (journalist & blogger) Kudos to investigative journalist Raissa Robles for exposing in her article “Chief Justice Corona personally met with World Bank officials, bank documents show” that the beleaguered head of the Philippine Supreme Court lied before employees of the judiciary, the media, … Continue reading

Did Corona submit a truthful SALN?

Why is Cuevas preventing us from knowing? Emmanuel Mongaya (journalist & blogger) Ordinary Filipinos want to know whether they can trust Chief Justice Renato Corona to be the head of the country’s judiciary. I definitely want to see how he would answer allegations of corruption before the impeachment court. This is the reason why many … Continue reading

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