Our voices matter

“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” Plato

Most leave politics to politicians and political writers until the next election season when we decide on keeping or changing those in power.

No, we are not too smart … apologies to Plato. We know we have to engage politicians to make them serve better and be part of democratic political process beyond elections. Our views matter. Often, we are simply too busy making a living or lack the time or resources to make our opinions and rants heard.

Politika.PH — thanks to the wonders of the Internet and social media — hopes to address this especially for us writers, bloggers, and ordinary citizens in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Politika.PH is …

  • An online platform for publishing analysis and views that began before the 2013 elections. We are reviving this now as we approach the 2019 elections.
  • A way for airing rants about what politicians are doing (or not doing) or about politics as a whole.
So if  you have something to say about politics, politicians in the Visayas and Mindanao, and the national political scene, you can say it here. Our voices matter.
For quick reactions to posted articles, use the reply form below each post.
For articles and feedback, either email to anol_cebu@yahoo.com or prworks2003@gmail.com (especially if your contributions have accompanying pictures or videos) or use the following feedback form.



One thought on “Our voices matter

  1. Use this form for your quick reactions to the posted articles.

    Posted by anol | October 18, 2011, 2:41 pm

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